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Medical Warehouse in Malaysia

Medical Logistics Malaysia

Medical Warehouse in Malaysia

medical warehouse

Medical Warehouse Malaysia

 Medicines and related supplies are not easy without having a proper medical warehouse, for example laboratory test kits and reagents,

are expensive and valuable, especially medicines and diagnostics for HIV and AIDS. They need care otherwise they may deteriorate.

If they deteriorate, they may loose their potency, have a wrong effects on patients or, in the case of the test kits, they may not produce correct results.

Therefore items in the stock should be stored in a proper storage space or a medical warehouse.

Your health care facility should have a room that can be locked, that is in good condition and is well organized.

That room will be your pharmacy store. It should be separate from where you dispense medicines.

You should keep all supplies in the store and take (or issue) what you need daily from the store to a dispensing area.

If your health care facility does not have a room to use as a pharmacy store, you should have a lockable cupboard or cabinet with shelves as your store.

Storing your medicines and medical related supplies is very important . Your organization must prepare the following

  1. A secure room at your health care facility to be the store. Make sure you lock it and hire a good security company and security system to protect it from thieves.
  2. Inspect the physical structure of the store regularly
  3. Control the temperature in the store.
  4. Control the light in the store
  5. Prevent water damage and control humidity.
  6. Keep the store free of pests
  7. clean the store and keep it tidy.
  8. Store supplies on shelves
  9. If there is a refrigerator or freezer, keep it in good working condition

Organize the supplies

  1. Always know what you have in the store
  2. Find the generic name of each medicine in your store
  3. Arrange and label the supplies on the shelves
  4. Store all medicines and related supplies with expiry dates by using
    “FIRST EXPIRY FIRST OUT” procedures
  5. Store medical supplies and other commodities without expiry dates by
    using “FIRST IN FIRST OUT” procedures.
  6. Identify all expired and other poor quality medicines and related supplies
  7. Identify overstocked items and any items that are no longer used at your
    health care facility.
  8. Keep a record of the removal of medicines and related supplies.

Keep accurate stock records

  1. Make a stock card for each item in your store
  2. Keep the stock card with the item on the shelf
  3. Record on the stock card every time you receive or issue an item
  4. Always keep an accurate running tally of the number of units in the
    BALANCE IN STOCK column.
  5. Count your stock at regular intervals, such as once a month.Always review the information on the top of the stock card.Make a physical count of an item.
  6.  Investigate any discrepancies in the information on the stock card

How to order based on the past consumption

  1. Calculate the average monthly consumption of each item in your store
  2. Count the number of units issued during a month
  3. Add the number of units issued for each month counted
  4. Divide the sum by the number of months counted.
  5. Decide how often your health care facility receives deliveries
  6. Decide the reorder factor for your health care facility
  7. Calculate the REORDER LEVEL for each item in your store
  8. Decide when and how much to order
  9. Place an order for the supplies needed at your health care facility

Its gets more complex when you into detail but if you think that you may want to outsourced to our medical warehouse just think about Truebro logistics.

We have spent millions in the facility just to keep medical items stored, organized, recorded and planned for you.

We can also supply the products to your designated customer via our medical transportation within Malaysia or Outside Malaysia

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